Star Fox Zero

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Game: Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Zero NA boxart.jpg
Name Star Fox Zero
Consoles Wii U
Release Date April 21, 2016 (JP)
April 22, 2016 (NA/EU)
April 23, 2016 (AU)
Developers Nintendo EPD, PlatinumGames
Publisher Nintendo
Game Chronology (by original Release Date)
<-- Star Fox 64 3D Latest game out
Game not in Main Series Continuity.
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Star Fox Zero is a title in the Star Fox series for the Wii U, co-developed between Nintendo EPD and PlatinumGames, with development headed by Shigeru Miyamoto. The game was published by Nintendo, and released in April 2016 alongside Star Fox Guard in all regions.

Despite being the first new entry in the series since 2006's Star Fox Command, the game is neither a sequel nor a prequel, but rather a re-imagining of Star Fox 64 with some elements from Star Fox 2 added.

The game features a gyro-based control style greatly differing from previous titles, and only possible using a Wii U GamePad. It also the first game since 1997's Star Fox 64 Rumble Pak support to debut an innovative special gaming effect - a stereo-based surround sound system for the GamePad's speakers.


Little is known about the game's plot so far, however it is confirmed that Team Star Fox will comprise of Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad, resembling their appearance in Star Fox 64, implying this game will take place before the events of Star Fox Adventures. Star Wolf will also make an appearance, with Pigma Dengar still on the team.


The game retains its roots as a space-based shooter. Controls are similar to Star Fox 64 3D, in which the buttons and joysticks as well as the gyroscope is used to control the Arwing. Arwings will be able to "morph into a tank", similarly to and inspired by the Star Fox 2 morphing mechanic. In this form, Arwings can "run" around on two feet.

The game also introduces a new vehicle, taking the form of a helicopter, called the Gyrowing, which is able to control a small deployable robot. The Landmaster also reappears in Star Fox Zero, featuring new boosters that allows it to glide forward almost like a plane in a transformation dubbed the "Gravmaster".

It has been mentioned by Shigeru Miyamoto that gameplay would possibly be broken up into episodic games containing multiple missions, taking inspiration from the British children's TV show Thunderbirds.

Development history

The game started development on the Wii sometime in 2008, but the team could not seem to find a concept that would bring the game together. Sometime in late 2013, they started work again on it, but moving over some of the assets to Wii U. During E3 2014, a picture of the game was shown on Nintendo's Facebook page using Star Fox 64 3D assets, and was further mentioned as being very much in development, stating that they would have more to show in roughly a year. Indeed, Nintendo confirmed that it would be shown at E3 2015.

At E3 2015, Nintendo officially revealed the game and its title, showing off gameplay and having a select few levels playable by convention-goers.



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