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Help:Group Rights

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User rights are the abilities an account has on the wiki. As time passes, users may gain additional rights.

IP addresses

People who edit while logged out are IP editors. These editors have minimal rights and cannot upload files or move pages.


Users are those who have taken the time to create accounts. They gain more rights than IP editors by default, including the ability to upload files and move pages.

Autoconfirmed users

Users who reach 10 edits and 4 days of activity will automatically become autoconfirmed. This allows them to edit semi-protected pages.

Autopatrolled users

Users with the autopatrol right automatically have their edits marked as patrolled. This is a sign that the user is well-versed in editing and catches 99% of the mistakes they make when they do make them.


Patrollers are users who can mark edits as patrolled. In addition, they can rollback edits and have their own edits marked as patrolled.


Admins (also known as sysops) are trusted users who are put in charge of managing the wiki on a daily basis. They have the ability to delete and protect pages, block users, patrol, and more.


Bureaucrats are staff members who can change user names and promote/demote users, along with the admin responsibilities above.