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Race: CloudRunner
The CloudRunner tribe in Star Fox Adventures.
Habitat CloudRunner Fortress
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
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The CloudRunner Tribe is one of the many tribes on the planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures. It is also one of the planet's ruling tribes, the other being the EarthWalkers, with whom they have some kind of a disagreement. The tribe is based on pterodactyls. The CloudRunners mainly live in the CloudRunner Fortress, which broke off of the main planet prior to the events of Star Fox Adventures and was later returned. The tribe is ruled by Queen Cloudrunner. In his attempt to conquer Sauria, General Scales hit the CloudRunners the hardest so that he could use their fortress as a base. The CloudRunners allied themselves with Fox McCloud after he saved their queen. One CloudRunner rebel (Kyte) helped Krystal on her way to the Krazoa Palace and was later rescued by Fox. Another CloudRunner repayed Fox for saving their queen by assisting him when the LightFoot tribe held him prisoner.



  • Krystal's Arwing, the Cloud Runner, was inspired by the CloudRunner tribe as a reference to her connection with the planet Sauria.

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