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General Scales

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"General Scales! Ruler, tyrant, and dictator of Dinosaur Planet. What brings you to my world?" - General Scales, Star Fox Adventures.
Character: General Scales
<center>General Scales as he appears in Star Fox Adventures.
Home Planet Sauria
Role Ruler of the SharpClaw tribe (formerly)
Premiere game Star Fox Adventures
Affiliations SharpClaw tribe
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General Scales was the ruler of the SharpClaw tribe, a tribe of Dinosaurs on the planet Sauria, during the events of Star Fox Adventures. He was the pawn of the evil Andross and removed the SpellStones of Sauria in an attempt to take over. In his final scene, Scales's roll as Andross's pawn was revealed and Scales was forced to give Fox McCloud the last Krazoa spirit. After this, Scales disappeared and several SharpClaw were later seen holding his belt, signifying that he was no longer the SharpClaw ruler.


General Scales is significantly taller and stronger than most other characters in the Star Fox series. He looks unique when compared with the other SharpClaw, which may indicate that there are different classes of the species. Throughout the entire game, his eye color is a deep red due to being the vessel of a Krazoa spirit. He is seen with two different sets of armor throughout the game. He usually wore a more tribal set of armor, but wore a full suit before his fight against Fox.

In Game History

The first appearance of General Scales.
General Scales was the leader of the SharpClaw tribe on the planet Sauria. He had always desired to have his elevate his tribe to ruling status like the EarthWalkers and the CloudRunners. After being rejected, he attempted several times to take control of Sauria, but failed every time. Scales eventually gained new power and information from an unknown entity and used it to steal the SpellStones from the Force Point Temples. This caused the planet to begin to break apart. Scales then attacked the Krazoa Palace. The EarthWalker guard was decimated by the SharpClaws and Scales released five of the Krazoa Spirits while absorbing the sixth.

Scales made his first appearance on his personal air galleon. His airship was greatly damaged by Krystal and a CloudRunner rebel. Krystal had climbed onto the galleon and set fire to Scales's quarters. He walked through the fire and threatened Krystal. Scales proceeded to through her from the airship, though she was saved by the CloudRunner rebel from earlier.

General Scales interrogating the Queen as to where Fox was.
While Fox made his way through the CloudRunner Fortress, General Scales interrogated the Queen CloudRunner. Fox distracted Scales in order to free the Queen, but ended up getting imprisoned as well. Scales met up with Fox again in the CloudRunners' treasure room. He ordered several SharpClaw grunts to hide the SpellStone. He then disappeared, either teleporting or escaping invisibly.

Scales was next seen when Fox was looking for the final Krazoa Spirit. He attempted to attack Fox, but was stopped by a disembodied voice that was later revealed to be Andross. Andross was using Scales in order to use the Krazoa to be reborn. Scales attempted to deny this, but was then forced to release the final Krazoa Spirit into Fox. He was not seen after this and several SharpClaw grunts are later seen holding his belt aloft. Scales's status remains unknown, but it is more than likely that he at least lost his status as the SharpClaw leader.

Game Appearances

Voice Actors

  • John Silke in Star Fox Adventures.

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  • When Fox takes the Test of Fear to obtain the fifth Krazoa Spirit, the final fear he faces is an invisible, enlarged version of General Scales.
  • The relationship between General Scales and Andross in Star Fox Adventures is often compared to the relationship between Zant and Ganondorf in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This is because both Zant and Scales make their premiere in their respective games and are pawns of Ganondorf and Andross who are using them to regain their physical bodies.
  • The scene where Scales threatens the CloudRunner Queen at the CloudRunner Fortress was a homage to the openning scene of the original Star Wars movie[1]


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