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Fortuna in the first Star Fox.
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox, Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox: Assault info
Bronze Medal 450
Silver Medal 1100
Gold Medal 2300
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Fortuna (Japanese: フォーチュナ Fortuna) is a lush, green planet which features a variety of flora and fauna within the Lylat System.


Not much is known about the planet Fortuna due to its limited appearances. It is covered in large forests and was called the dinosaur planet in the original Star Fox game. There appears to be no Cornerian bases on Fortuna. On the other hand, Andrew Oikonny built a base for his forces nine years after the Lylat Wars.


Fortuna During the Lylat Wars

Though Fortuna appeared in the original Star Fox, the game was retconned with the release of Star Fox 64. Fortuna did not legitimately appear in the game and is no longer considered to be part of Andross's invasion of Lylat. Although a planet in "Star Fox 64" is named Fortuna, is was originally named Fichina and was not meant to be Fortuna at all.

Fortuna and the Aparoids

A jungle in Fortuna

Nine years after his defeat during the Lylat Wars, Andross's nephew, Oikonny, built a base on Fortuna and began harassing Corneria. The Cornerian Defense Force fought Oikonny's forces without much effort until they were attacked by a prototype stealth squadron. The Star Fox team was then called to take out Oikonny.[1] The team flew out and managed to shoot down several of Oikonny's fighters. They then followed Oikonny's flagship down to the surface of Fortuna and eventually his base. The team fought against Oikonny in his ship, which mirrored Andross's appearance. Fox McCloud thought he had defeated Oikonny, only to find the ship was more durable than originally believed. Before Oikonny could attack again, his ship was hit by an Aparoid laser. The Aparoid fired again at Krystal and the team attacked. They managed to defeat the Aparoid and retrieved its Core Memory. As more Aparoids began to appear, Peppy Hare recalled the team.


  1. "We're here because we gotta put this creep on ice." — Falco, Star Fox: Assault


  • Fortuna actually never appeared in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, because the planet that is known to most global players as "Fortuna" is actually Fichina. Fichina was renamed as "Fortuna" in the English version of Star Fox 64 possibly due to a translation error and/or miscommunication. This had been corrected with the release of Star Fox 64 3D.
  • Fortuna shares its name with the Roman goddess of fortune.

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