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Kalda Chom

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Enemy: Kalda Chom
Kalda Chom 1.jpg
<center>Fox using the Ground Quake on a Kalda Chom.
Habitat Moon Mountain Pass
Weaknesses Ground Quake
Premier game Star Fox Adventures
Similar enemies None
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The Kalda Chom[1] is a large, bloated enemy which appears in Star Fox Adventures. It has trisected appendages at the end of its arms with a yellow-colored core, where it shoots green projectiles from. It lives in craters throughout Moon Mountain Pass and it will start to shoot at Fox if he gets close. The only way for Fox to attack it is to stun it using the Ground Quake, otherwise it will protect itself by using a force field. When Fox has stunned it, he needs to attack a purple portion of its back while it starts spinning around. If he isn't quick enough, the Kalda Chom will recover and the player has to start over with the procedure. Two hits are needed to defeat it. An essential item which Kalda Choms leave behind when they've been defeated is the MoonSeed.


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