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Lylat Wiki:Administrators

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Powers & Responsibilities

Administrators are staff members of Lylat Wiki. They are upstanding members of the community who have proven themselves to be dedicated to the wiki's welfare. As such, they help decide upon wiki policies which are not open to public discussion. They also discuss the direction of the wiki in general. In addition to this, they have additional user rights which allow them to perform more actions than regular editors.

Special Rights

Administrators have the ability to...

  • Delete pages
  • Move files
  • Protect pages from editing
  • Marked edits as patrolled
  • Revert all edits to a page by a certain user to the last revision made by the last editor (known as rollback)
  • Promote/demote users

Current Staff

The staff team of Lylat Wiki
Real Name Alias Position Status Role
Brent 2Tie Bureaucrat Semi-Active Writing Staff / Quality Control
Alex Alex95 Admin Active
Trip Disaster Flare Bureaucrat / Editor-in-Chief Active
Assad Hope(N Forever) Admin Semi-Active
Justin Justin Bureaucrat Semi-Active
Chris Tacopill Bureaucrat Active
Isaac ToastUltimatum Admin Active
Retired staff members
Real Name Alias Previous Position Status Role Reason for Demotion
Airconny Patroller Inactive Inactivity
Xavier Blue Ninjakoopa Bureaucrat Inactive Inactivity, accepted demotion
Foxdude54 Patroller Inactive Inactivity
Adem PureLocke Patroller Inactive Inactivity
TW Admin Inactive Inactivity
Wolf O'Donnell Admin Inactive Inactivity


While all editors on the wiki are equal, there are specific admins that play specific roles in the wiki. Their roles grant them additional powers and responsibilities, and they can be contacted at any time for matters regarding their roles.

Contact tacopill if you are interested in joining any of the groups listed here.

Writing Staff

The writing staff helps manage the content of the wiki. Files, Articles, etc. Anything major to be redone? these are the people to ask for help.

The leader of this group is the Editor-in-Chief.


Tech Support

The tech support of the wiki manages things on server-side of the wiki. Installing extensions, upgrading the software, modifying CSS and Javascript, etc.

The leader of this group is the System Admin.